avoid plateaus

How to Avoid Plateaus

By: Liz

Those instantaneous results that you sometimes see when starting a new workout routine can be seriously addictive! You can see and feel the progress, and that oftentimes can be motivating enough to keep you coming back. However, after a period of time you may notice your progress levelling off, or plateauing, as your body becomes adjusted to the stress you are putting it under. This can be extremely unmotivating, and may even see you quit.


  1. Account for the fact that losing weight is much easier when you have lots of weight to lose. Depending on your starting point, those first pounds may fall off of you with ease, while the final ten may take much longer. Being prepared for this change may help you adjust your mindset as you go.
  2. Patience! Plateaus can happen for a number of reasons and sometimes all it takes to break the plateau is to trust in the process. Don't give up, keep doing what you are doing, and trust that you will continue on the track you were on!
  3. Shift your focus to the bigger picture. Try weighing yourself weekly, or even monthly, as opposed to daily. Daily weight fluctuations are a natural part of being human, and weighing yourself every day may be doing more harm than good in your perception of progress.


  1. Switch up your routine! Your body becomes accustomed to the type of workout stress you are putting it under, and switching up your routine will "confuse" your body, resulting in quicker muscle growth.
  2. Increase your repetitions! Your body will naturally become good at what it is used to. Try upping repetitions to bump your muscles back into overdrive.